Simple Joys

  • Helping other people and doing all I can to contribute to their well being
  • Watching my wife and children grow mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and in our relationships with each other
  • Investing “In the Moment” time with family and close friends
  • Time alone visualizing, meditating, thinking, planning, studying, writing
  • Participating in savvy business ventures
  • Producing long lasting, soul inspiring, memories with Sandie, Daniel and Iszabella
  • Looking like a sartorial splendor and seeing my wife and children looking the same way
  • Browsing in book stores
  • Endorphin induced energy
  • A drive in the country
  • Acquiring high quality goods like art, furniture, cars and real estate
  • Being in the position of anything, anytime anyplace, anywhere
  • Productivity
  • Manifestation
  • Earning money
  • sleeping with Sandie
  • cuddling with Sandie
  • waking up with nowhere to go and staying in bed with Sandie

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