Physical Specimen

  • As one I Mario Daniel Sconza, Real Estate Broker live in a muscular, well shaped, energy packed physical body. I maintain a weight of 190 pounds or below. I have a 36 inch waist, a 6 pack on my abdomen, a lean lower abdomen, solid rear end, solid chest, broad shoulders, round firm biceps and well toned triceps. My skin is clear, tight and well coloured and my body fat level is at 8%
  • As one I exercise in the Lord’s temple that I reside in 4 days per week. I am in the best physical condition possible. I maintain wonderful health, vitality, and energy
  • I drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day made as well as pure juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables, super food, fortune delight and anything else that is good for me and gives me energy and vitality
  • My teeth are straight and gleaming white and I have all of them
  • I am a Pescatarian
  • As one I eat only fruits and vegetables till 11:59 and I do not eat after 8 pm
  • As one I invest in a fruit and vegetable cleansing the 1st Monday of every second month and I do a complete fast every 6 months. I study fasting
  • I live an extraordinarily healthy life style
  • I eliminate caffeine from my daily diet
  • I eat healthy, whole natural foods which fuel my body and my mind and most importantly my spirit
  • I am physically fit, loving to my family, emotionally even, at peace with my creator
  • I enjoy being free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol
  • I live to be 100 years in this form on this earth in great health, wealth, and in great thought provoking, soul inspiring relationships
  • As one I enjoy a healthy head of my own thick, silky, shiny, manageable hair with no bold spots anywhere to be seen on my head until the very last day of my life in this form
  • As one I do not drink fluids 20 minutes before, during, or after meals. I allow the enzymes to do their work
  • As one I love and enjoy exercise and the power and energy and vitality it creates within me and the opportunity to visualize that it affords me. I exercise my spirit and my mind in my unison with my body
  • As one I enjoy awesome energy and vibrant health
  • As one I crave and eat healthy foods
  • As one I enjoy my home gym
  • As one I enjoy gleaming white teeth
  • As one I do a skin wash before bed
  • I exercise my body’s cardiovascular every day a minimum of 27 minutes
  • I do push ups and sit ups daily. I work my way to do 200 pushups daily and 300 sit ups daily. And from there I go to 300 push ups daily and 400 sit ups daily and from there I go to 500 push ups and 1000 sit ups daily
  • I am drinking alkaline water and lead my family to do the same
  • I am enjoying a full head of hair with the help of Dr. Seagre
  • I am buying a punching bag
  • I am enjoying an absenol bath weekly
  • I am enjoying a full body massage weekly and help Sandie Daniel and Iszabella do the same
  • I am receiving a facial
  • I am performing electrolysis on my back to remove unwanted hair

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