Our Legacy

I grew up right in Toronto… the greatest city on the planet. Born at Humber Hospital located at Keele and Lawrence on February 27th 1971. The youngest of four children I had an opportunity to, as my Dad was winding down his Real Estate business, travel with him and Mommy to many countries around the world. Many of our destinations were impoverished (at the time) countries. Mexico..Brazil… Venezuela… just to name a few. It was then that I watched Dad feed the homeless and bring them jugs of clean drinking water that I gained perspective on how fortunate we truly are… it was then I decided that I too would make a difference. In 1998 the Almighty and Sovereign Lord implanted a mission in to my Spirit… to be an EQUAL part of a community of people that can unite all four corners of the earth and relieve a lot of human suffering.

I am very privileged and honored to give God’s People. We are called to help the less fortunate (Malachi
3:8-12). Strangers, widows, orphans, poor, needy and foreigners. The source of life within me is the same
SOURCE within everybody and everything. I see myself in them and them in me. We are all ONE SUBSTANCE expressing itself in infinite variety. My hope is humanity will arrive at this knowledge through education and enlightenment. My Partners rally around our sincere intention of raising money and donating portions of our income in our quest to help solve the water and education crisis.

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