Living in Weston Downs

If you are looking for a well-maintained, luxury location to buy a home, living in Weston Downs may be the ideal place for you and your family. It was designed as a luxury community in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, so you will never have to worry about any part of the neighborhood looking less than perfect.

Fast Facts About Weston Downs In Vaughan

Considering moving to and living in Weston Downs? Here are some important demographic facts to help you acquaint yourself with the community and to make sure it is the right fit for you and your family.

Population in Vaughan (2021): 323,103

Distance from: 

  • Toronto, ON: 51 minutes 
  • Hamilton, ON: 58 minutes
  • Kingston, ON: 2 hr 40 minutes 

     Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Household: $90,615

City: Vaughn

Province: Ontario

Type of location: luxury neighborhood

Why is Weston Downs a Nice Place to Live?

Living in Weston Downs, Ontario, is an exclusive neighborhood that is part of the city of Vaughan. Created with no detail left to chance, it is for those who want to live an affluent lifestyle, comfortably nestled outside of Toronto but in a safe exclusive community. Weston Downs was originally designed to be beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable in every way imaginable. That is why living in Weston Downs is so much more desirable than any other location throughout Ontario. 

The homes in Weston Downs range well into the millions, so the level of wealth certainly can vary. There’s something for just about everyone in Weston Downs. In addition to beauty and stability provided by Vaughan, you are living among the most elite homes in the area. Homes in Weston Downs are nothing short of spectacular. 

Your children will have the opportunity to attend the finest elementary, middle, and high schools around, and your family can enjoy the many recreational and social facilities located in and around Vaughn. This includes both a conservation park and golf course that border the neighborhood. When you are living in Weston Downs, you are in the pinnacle of Ontario living.

What is Weston Downs Known For?

One of the most prominent features of the Weston Downs community is the level of luxury in the homes. While each mansion follows a unique building plan, they have something in common. They are absolutely beautiful. Adorned inside and out with stucco, Georgian brick, Italian marble and just about any other accountraimant you can think of, you might never want to leave your house. 

If you are interested in living in this community, you will have the opportunity to choose from a number of exclusive homes still available in Weston Downs. Nestled on manicured lots, they will be the last home you move into.

What Are the Best Restaurants?

When you are looking for a place for a wonderful family meal or even a quick dessert, Weston Downs has plenty of options that its residents simply can’t get enough of. Here are some of the restaurants you can enjoy while living in Weston Downs:

  • Chop Steakhouse & Bar: Ultra gourmet steaks, seafood and more
  • Ay Caramba, Eh!: Mexican food that bursts with flavor
  • Zizi Trattoria: Sumptuously prepared Italian favorites, check out the special menu
  • Marcello’s Pizzeria: Sometimes you just need a slice of great wood fired pizza with fresh toppings
  • Truly Thai Cuisine: authentic Thai food that is sure to delight

If you want more information about purchasing a home in Weston Downs, Ontario, check out the median home price and inventory here or call me at 416-760-0306 to get immediate assistance.


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