Living in Kleinburg, ON

Fast Facts About Kleinburg, Ontario

What to know about living in Kleinburg.

Population (2001): 4,595

Distance from: 

  • Toronto, ON: 51 min
  • Hamilton, ON: 1hr 17 min
  • Kingston, ON: 2 hr 46 min

Nearest airport:

Median income (2015): 

  • Household: $105,000

Province: Ontario (Part of the City Of Vaughn)

Type of location: Village

Why is Kleinburg a Nice Place to Live?

Kleinburg, Ontario is a village inside of a small town called Vaughn. Located within the Province of Ontario it is an affluent community filled with class and charm. The village is close to Toronto, residing North of the city. Overall, Kleinburg is a beautiful oasis from the fast pace of Toronto and many call it home for that reason. In fact 4,595 people live In this spacious small community. The allure of art, nature, and proximity to Toronto make it a great place to call home.

Kleinburg is highly-rated as a safe, family-friendly area with some of the lowest crime statistics in all of Canada. Part of the city of Vaughn, and thus its educational system, schools perform better than other schools in Canada based on national averages. 

What is Kleinburg Known For?

The town may not be the vast size of nearby Toronto, but it has a lot of things to keep you busy. Here is a sampling of the some of the attractions you can enjoy while living in Kleinburg.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Explore the artwork of Canada’s best artists as you peruse through thousands of pieces of stunning original art.

Village of Kleinburg

Soak up the true aura of the Village of Kleinburg as you shop and explore.

Copper Creek Golf Club

First class golf course with lots of challenge and excellent views. Copper Creek also offers impeccable service and a 40,000 square foot clubhouse.

Kleinburg Wellness

Integrative health facility offering massage therapy and other services to help you stay in the peak of health.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Kleinburg?

Here are some of the top restaurants you can enjoy while living in Kleinburg:

  • Avenue Kleinburg, Fresh and flavorful wood fired pizza and great wines
  • XXI Chophouse, Hearty steakhouse with great beef, chops, and seafood
  • McMichael Cafe, Artful and unique bistro for good food while you enjoy fine art
  • Old Firehall Confectionery, Tantalizing sweets and baked goods that keep you going back over and over

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