Living in Durham, ON

Fast Facts About Durham, Ontario

Population: 2500

Distance from: 

  • Toronto, ON: 2 hr 15 min
  • Hamilton, ON: 2 hr 2 min
  • Kingston, ON: 4 hr 31 min

Nearest airport:

Median income (2017): 

  • Household: $74,200

Province: Ontario 

Type of location: Community

Why is Durham a Nice Place to Live?

Durham, Ontario is the perfect stop if you are departing the constant stress and motion of the big city. Two and half hours away from Toronto, Durham is the perfect place for clean, relaxing small town living. Durham sits in West Grey Farm Country and has the amenities you would come to expect in a modern suburb. 

Durham is a great town to raise a family. Away from the big city, it has a low crime rate. In fact, the crime rate is lower than in many places in Canada. It also has everything you would need or want while living there. This includes parks, shops, restaurants, and more.

What is Durham Known For?

The town may not be the vast size of Toronto, but it has a lot of things to keep you busy. Here is a sampling of some of the attractions you can enjoy while living in Durham.

McGowan Falls

Enjoy nature while you spend time around this scenic waterfall area.

Durham Art Gallery

Soak up new exploratory and eclectic art at this local gallery.

Old Town Hall Park

Bring the whole family for a picnic at Old Town Hall Park. There is also a playground for your children to play in.

Vicker’s Park

Another scenic local park with a nice river path offering scenic views while you hike.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Durham?

Here are some of the top restaurants you can enjoy while living in Durham:

  • Rocky Racoon Café, Vegetarian and international cuisine
  • Riverside Fish & Chips, Hearty comfort food including tasty fish and chips
  • Young’s Garden, Conveniently located offers great Chinese favorites
  • Chicory Common, Smalltown Cafe non Garafraxa Street.

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