Living in Brampton,On

Fast Facts About Brampton, Ontario

Population (2021): 656,480

Distance from: 

  • Toronto, ON: 40 min
  • Hamilton, ON: 45 min
  • Kingston, ON: 3 hr 18 min

Nearest airport:

Median income (2015): 

Province: Ontario 

Type of location: City

Why is Brampton a Nice Place to Live?

Brampton is a city located within the Province of Ontario. Sitting directly to the Northwest of Toronto and directly North of Mississauga it offers you access to both places. It is a highly desirable suburb sitting right outside of the Greater Toronto Area. This means you have access to just about everything in two major cities. Overall, Brampton is a highly convenient and liveable location that puts you near just about anything in the Toronto area. Naturally, with some distance between you, Toronto, and Mississauga, you are away from the constant hustle and bustle of these urban giants. In addition, Brampton offers a lower cost of housing than you might find in Toronto. 

Brampton also has a sizable population of its own.  In fact, over half a million people live In this populous area packed with just about anything you could need or want. The allure of art, activities, culture, nature, and proximity to Toronto and Mississauga makes it a good place to call home.

What is Brampton Known For?

Brampton has an interesting past. You may see it called The Flower City. While it is not a floral giant anymore it was at one point. At one point late in the 19th century and early 20th century Brampton was one of the largest producers of cut flowers in North America with over 100 greenhouses. Now the town is diversified in other industries and boasts a strong economy through other market sectors. 

Brampton also has lots of things to do. Between the city itself and the two major cities it borders, there is plenty to keep you busy. Here is a sampling of some of the attractions you can enjoy while living in Brampton.

GlowZone 360

Take the family for some fast paced clean fun. Enjoy laser tag and other amusements at GlowZone 360!

Treetop Trekking Brampton

Located in Brampton’s Heart Lake Conservation Park you can climb, swing, and glide right from the tree tops in this vertically challenging forest playground.

Aerosports Brampton

The perfect place to jump, run, bounce, fly, and just have fun while burning off some energy with the family.

Far Shot Brampton – Axe Throwing, Knife, and Archery

Hone your huntsman skills while you hurl axes and knives at targets at Far Shot in Brampton 

What Are the Best Restaurants in Brampton?

Here are some of the top restaurants you can enjoy while living in Brampton:

  • Tandoori Flame Brampton-Hundreds of items await you at this Indian themed super buffet
  • John’s Family Restaurant-Down home no frills restaurant with family favorites and comfort food
  • Toshi Japanese Restaurant-Made to order sushi as well as yummy Japanese favorites like teriyaki chicken and shrimp tempura
  • Mandarin Restaurant- Chinese super buffet with something for everyone

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