Family Fortress

  • I am a faithful, loving, warm, compassionate husband, father, son, brother, brother in law, uncle, friend, son in law, cousin, and nephew
  • I am a giving soul
  • I am non judgmental and I always keep an open mind
  • I am a high energy, fun, loving, giving, intelligent husband and father
  • I have time set aside in my schedule for quality, undisturbed, time with Sandie, Daniel, Iszabella
  • I love play time with my family and I enjoy it often
  • I bring home fresh flowers for Sandie every week. I make sure there are always fresh flowers in the house for the family
  • I invest every Sunday sacredly with the family. We enjoy exciting times together
  • I have dinner at home regularly Monday with the family to create unity. No questions asked
  • We create a Sunday afternoon lunch ritual
  • I enjoy a passionate, soul inspiring, sex filled relationship with Sandie
  • *Sandie and I and the children enjoy much exiting time together and we travel first class all the way to many memorable locations throughout the world to create many long lasting memories. WE enjoy the finest life has to offer
  • Sandie and I are so proud of Daniel and Iszabella. They pursue their life passions, are positive, loving contributors to humanity. They have energy which leads to much success and we do everything possible to lead them down the right paths
  • Sandie and I constantly re-enforce to Daniel and Iszabella their capabilities to live the lives of their dreams and we constantly and continuously encourage and empower them with our love
  • I regularly have intelligent, uplifting conversations with those that I love
  • I write something uplifting and inspirational in my journal daily and I leave this for my children as a guide for them when I am not here.
  • I shower Sandie, Daniel & Iszabella with love, affection and quality attention
  • I have life manual time set aside for the children weekly
  • I acknowledge all the great things Sandie does for this family and I give her love, compassion, and understanding every day. She is the best wife and mother I could have chosen for me in the world as far as I am concerned and I do daily, whatever I can to communicate this to her
  • Sandie and I and the kids are head over heels in love with each other
  • Sandie and I set good examples for our children to follow mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and in our relationships with people and especially in our relationship with each other
  • Sandie and I leave our children with a legacy of books, tapes, inspirational thoughts and plenty of pictures and videos
  • Sandie and I host one family event every 3 months
  • My children achieve great results through inspired actions
  • Sandie and I enjoy a warm, loving, passionate relationship
  • I do what I can daily to offer my family proper direction in their lives through absolute and unconditional love
  • I am aggressively dedicated to seeing my children grow into productive, contributing adults
  • I bring my family on 2 amazing 1-2 week vacations every year and on 2 week end trips yearly
  • I take 5 vacations per year. One with my family, one with me, one with Sandie and me, one with Daniel and me, one with Iszabella and me
  • I bring Sandie away alone to 2 week-ends yearly
  • Sandie and I know that the example set by me and her to our children will have a much greater influence on their lives turn all the schooling in the world
  • Sandie and I have a crystal clear vision of where we see ourselves and the morals we want to instill in our children and we work on this daily
  • I visit births, funerals, and attend to family and social functions to maintain close relationships with people
  • I love my life and everything about it and I am especially and eternally grateful for the greatest gift it has given me…my family
  • The God in our children has perfect expression. The divine design of their mind, body and affairs are manifested throughout their lives and throughout eternity
  • I lead both my kids to a black belt in karate
  • In our household there is much harmony. Each member of our family feels great about themselves and about each other.
  • We give as much as we can, we laugh as much we can, we love as much as we can, we share as much as we can
  • I offer Sandie, Daniel and Iszabella proper direction in their lives through unconditional love
  • I go out on a date alone with Sandie at least once per week
  • I invest a half day alone with Daniel once per month
  • I invest a half day alone with Iszabella once per month
  • Family time- CN Tower/ROM/science centre/ Toronto helicopter ride/skating
  • I invest one hour of time alone with Sandie every single day
  • I invest one week end per quarter alone with Sandie
  • I invest my lifetime building family bonds
  • I am and as one I am a wise, patient, understanding, and effective teacher to my family
  • As one I live my life as example that my children can proudly emulate
  • Sandie and I provide a safe haven for our children and grandchildren to learn and to grow and to flourish
  • I give to my children the gift of my time and the gift of my attention everyday
  • I schedule a weekly “private date” with each one of my children so that I can connect with them at a deeper level
  • I practice encouraging my children to write in a journal while I do the same
  • I am silly with my family, I make time to laugh, play and be spontaneous
  • I have powerful conversations with my family on meaningful topics such as character strength, goal-setting, standing for excellence and living for truth
  • I am an aggressive listener with my children. I listen deeply to what they have to say and even deeper to what they don’t say
  • I tell my children and my wife how great they are and how much I love them
  • I am bringing Daniel to a Penn State vs. Michigan football game in Penn State
  • I am helping Sandie, Daniel, Iszabella, Domenic establish their life plan
  • I am studying success for teens with the children
  • I am conducting a Sconza family tour for the kids
  • I am conducting a Rando family tour for the kids
  • I am encouraging the kids to learn Italian
  • I foster and environment where we all respect depend on trust one another and help each other… on a no matter what anytime basis…. To be the best we can be mentally physically spiritually emotionally financially and in our relationships

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