Bucket list

  • climb mount everest
  • fly in an air force fighter jet with sandie daniel Iszabella
  • give $1,000,000 in a calendar year to assist in the advancement of humanity
  • I am part of a community of people that will unite all four corners of the earth and relieve a lot of human suffering inflicted to people by people due to a lack of enlightenment.  We spread the good word through seminars books and tapes
  • celebrate Holy Communion with Pope Francis
  • go to visit medjugorie
  • go to ave maria centre of peace 331 evans ave toronto
  • go to the national shrine of the divine mercy in stockbridge mass usa
  • visit kripalu yoga retreat centre in the Brookshire mountains
  • I complete El Camino de Santiago
  • I read the Holy Bible…God’s living word…several times throughout my lifetime and I apply what I learn and allow my energy to be the message
  • I write a book called The Good Book that tops the list of the New York Times best sellers
  • I teach my children to speak Italian
  • I speak Spanish fluently
  • I speak French fluently
  • I speak italian fluently
  • I mentor children who need help and guidance
  • I visit the seven wonders of the world with my family
  • I go on a fishing trip with Daniel
  • I run the Boston Marathon
  • I receive a hunting license from Doria Shelella 4166518054
  • I am part of the transformational leadership council
  • I am an entrepreneurial Spirituality advisor
  • I am working four hours per day four days per week and earning 1 million per month
  • I enjoy receiving mail box money monthly
  • I travel to outer space on virgin galactic with my family
  • I visit the pyramids with my family
  • I visit Medjugorie with my family
  • I visit all of the continents with my family
  • I visit the Walt Disney motor speedway with my family

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